An Event-ful Evening with JavaScript

Handling events like clicks and keypresses as users interact with your content is essential for any web app. Learn the fundamentals of how events work in JavaScript, including:

Whether you’re just learning JavaScript or are an experienced front-end developer, you’ll walk away with a deeper familiarity with events. You’ll be able to implement event listeners with confidence and debug with clarity!

This talk is adapted from an Ember.js-specific talk, Deep Dive on Ember Events.

Our speaker

Marie Chatfield @mariechatfield on Twitter
Marie Chatfield is a software engineer at Pingboard. A native Houstonian, Marie has recently returned to the homeland after a three-year stint in San Francisco, where she consistently got into arguments by insisting that tacos are superior in every way to burritos. Marie is passionate about creating inclusive spaces, building empathetic and elegant software, learning new things, and turning herself into emojis and cardboard cutouts.

Make sure to thank our gracious hosts Spredfast, and our sponsors Indeed Prime for the food and drinks!

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at Lavaca Street Bar where they have food, drinks, and 12 revolving taps.

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And finally, be excellent to each other.

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