There are plenty of ways to get involved in your Austin JavaScript community.


Drop some knowledge on your peeps or brush up on your speaking skills. Presentations typically run 30-50 minutes, with a Q&A session at the end.

Can you do that? Sure you can! Let us know if you need help.


Keep the masses happy with pizza and drinks!

As Sponsor, you get to promote your organization's job openings for what usually amounts to a trivial $300 recruiting line item expense.


Show off your amazing workspace at the next event! Here's what makes a great venue:

  • Downtown/central Austin location
  • Video projection capabilities
  • Seating for 30-50 people
  • Place for food and drinks
  • Convenient nearby parking


Join the peeps keeping this ship afloat! Here are a few things we usually need help on:

  • Recruiting speakers and sponsors
  • Setting up event food and drinks
  • Moderating discussion boards
  • Maintaining the website


If you are interested in contributing, please contact one of our friendly Organizers:

Kevin Kipp

Kevin Kipp

Patrick Costanzo

Patrick Costanzo

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