Alex Sexton talks about client-side "security"

🎉🎆 Happy New Year 🎆🎉 Hopefully 2016 finds all of you well, and hopefully you’ll RESOLLLLVVVVE to make it out to AustinJS next week to hear Alex Sexton talk about “almost definitely client side security.” We’re pretty certain that means his three-hour deep dive on whether Rey is a Kenobi (hey as long as it’s not politics, religion, or sex right).

Alex Sexton @slexaxton on Twitter
Alex Sexton is no less than the Official Apple-Flavored Hi-Chew Brand Ambassador. If he ever runs for office, this post was fake.

Thanks 🐸 design for hosting, as always you folks are great. Also if you have a slice of pizza or a drink, be sure to find one of the good folks from The Iron Yard and say thank you!

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at Lavaca Street Bar where they have food, drinks, and 12 revolving taps.

If you’ve got any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Lon (@lawnsea) or Aaron (@aaronj1335) or Andrew (@drewml). Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter:  @AustinJS

And finally, be excellent to each other.