Node 4, huh yeah, what is it good for?

For our final meetup of 2k15 we have a very special guest: Joe McCann, founder of AustinJS and NodeSource, is going to talk about this Node.js thing we’ve heard so much about. Node recently went straight from 0.12 to 4.0, meaning it is 33.3X more Enterprise Ready™®©℠ than competing platforms. Joe will tell us everything we need to know to scale Node out the front door and into the cloud.

Joe McCann @joemccann on Twitter
Joe McCann Founder, @austinjs. Cofounder, CEO @nodesource. Rave Promoter.

Thank you, Frog Design, for another year of hospitality, and thanks to the awesome crowd at ReIntent for sponsoring!

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at Lavaca Street Bar where they have food, drinks, and 12 revolving taps.

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And finally, be excellent to each other.