Ember.js and Ember-CLI

We're not in our usual location! We'll be meeting at Spredfast this month in the Silicon Labs building, so please plan accordingly.

Hey Austin JavaScripters, summer is in full swing and {{ joke_about_how_ember_is_hot }}. We're excited to hear from Iheanyi Ekechukwu as he tells us about "Ember.js, Ember-CLI, and how it all relates to that 'shut up and dance with me' song," (which we were actually hoping to hear about last month). Hope to see you there this Tuesday, August 19, 2015.

Meetup details
LOCATION Spredfast (200 West Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 78701, 3rd Floor)
(Check back here or on Twitter for updates.)

Afterwards, the discussion carries on at The Gingerman Austin (301 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701).


Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Iheanyi Ekechukwu


Austin JavaScript is sponsored this month by RetailMeNot. Please thank them for their gracious gifts of pizza and drinks and for their support of the local JavaScript community.

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