Can we please find some commonjs ground on modules??

Let's kick off the new year with Bradley Farias, who will deliver a meditation on the seven stages of grief standards development:

From Language Design to TC39 (The JS Language Standards Group)

This talk is a reflection on a lot of discussions that come up when talking about language design and what it means to design for a future that is always bigger than the past. Topics from the past present and future such as ASI, ESM, decorators, and private fields are things that are important to get right if we are stuck with them forever. We can use discussion examples of each of these topics to get a better understanding of why it is so difficult to make things "just work". I will discuss ongoing themes of discussion within TC39 and efforts that are changing how TC39 is viewed.

Meetup details
LOCATION Spredfast (200 West Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, TX 78701, 3rd Floor)
(Check back here or on Twitter for updates.)

Afterwards, the discussion carries on at Lavaca Street Bar (405 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701).


Bradley Farias

Bradley Farias

Developer Advocate at GoDaddy


Austin JavaScript is sponsored this month by Indeed. Please thank them for their gracious gifts of pizza and drinks and for their support of the local JavaScript community.Ask them about their job opportunities!

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