Making It Better Without Making It Over

This month we've got veteran frontend engineer Rebecca Murphey, who will share the story of how she started a new job this year by paying a visit to JavaScript circa 2009, back when Ryan Dahl was getting ready to announce Node and Facebook was still four years away from being mocked for the apparent heresy of JSX. She'll explain how she modernized and best-practice-ified a project that didn't even have a package.json, smoothing the development process, eliminating common sources of bugs, paving the way for bigger improvements, and never once uttering the words "we oughta just start from scratch." Come out and join us next Tuesday June 22, 2016!

Meetup details
LOCATION Frog Design (101 West 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701, 2nd Floor)
(Check back here or on Twitter for updates.)

Afterwards, the discussion carries on at The Gingerman Austin (301 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701).


Rebecca Murphey

Rebecca Murphey

Software Engineer at Indeed


Austin JavaScript is sponsored this month by Cloudflare Austin. Please thank them for their gracious gifts of pizza and drinks and for their support of the local JavaScript community.Ask them about their job opportunities!

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