Web Application Design and Coding Strategies

After a huge turnout last month (nearly 40 attendees), we are expecting even bigger and better things this coming month in our August meetup.  We are changing the format a bit with one presentation, by Mike McNally on web application design and coding strategies, followed by an open forum of topics.

Mike will talk about web application design and coding strategies, and how the domains of "active" page design, unobtrusive Javascript coding, and user experience architecture all collide to give us a great big headache. He'll talk about a small jQuery plugin as an example of harnessing the power of your favorite framework for more than just rounded corners.

After some great discussions during our last meetup (and even afterwards at The Gingerman), we decided to have an open forum discussing various topics at this month's meetup.  Topics will be chosen at random, but please come to the meetup with some ideas or better yet, leave them in the comments or @ reply to @austinjs on twitter.

Meetup details
LOCATION Frog Design (101 West 6th Street, Austin, TX 78701, 2nd Floor)
(Check back here or on Twitter for updates.)

Afterwards, the discussion carries on at The Gingerman Austin (301 Lavaca Street, Austin, TX 78701).


Mike McNally

Mike McNally

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