XUI + Cross Domain Hacking

Right on heels of TXJS, this month's edition of the Austin JavaScript Meetup includes two speakers from TXJS, Joe McCann and Alex Sexton.


Joe will be discussing the slick mobile micro-framework, XUI, which you can use to build out mobile websites or even mobile webapps where the targeted device is running a reasonable build of Webkit (namely iPhone, Android, and WebOS).  Popular libraries like jQuery are a bit large in size and contain loads of cross-browser code that is irrelevant in most mobile devices.  XUI is only 3kb and can provide you with a large enough toolkit to get almost any job done.  Joe will introduce the library and how you can start using it right now.

Cross Domain Hacking

If you had to rank the best and worst moments of your JavaScript life, you'd probably rank reading "The Good Parts" up towards the top, and deep down at the bottom of the list would be the day that you found out that you couldn't make cross-domain requests in the browser. This talk covers the hacks, tips, and tricks to leave the Same Origin Policy in the dust. So grab a cookie, pad your json, and learn how to communicate properly.

Meetup details
LOCATION Virtue Group (1206 W 43rd Street, Austin, TX 78756)
(Check back here or on Twitter for updates.)

Afterwards, the discussion carries on at The Draught House (4112 Medical Pkwy, Austin, TX 78756).


Joe McCann

Joe McCann

Senior Technologist at frog design

Alex Sexton

Alex Sexton

Labs Engineer at Bazaarvoice

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