2011 Austin JavaScript SXSW Party Wrapup

Now that SXSW has wound down, Austin JavaScript would like to cordially reach out and thank everyone who attended the Austin JavaScript SXSW party. It was a massive success! Over 1,000 people attended, we ran out of food in 45 minutes (500 tacos) and all of the beer was consumed within 3 hours.

Drinking and Driving

The door prizes were a big hit, from VIP tickets to Microsoft’s IE9 party to a Motorola Xoom, but the clear object of desire was the iPad 2 which was given away last. As if it were written in a script for a suspenseful movie, @joemccann had to reach into the ticket bowl 11 times to draw the winning ticket number. Bribes were offerred, deals were attempted to be made, but, alas, after the eleventh draw, this lucky guy won the iPad 2 (everyone else went to the bar to drown their sorrows).

iPad 2 Winner

From the humanitarian side of the event Austin JavaScript raised a whopping 683 pounds of food for the Capital Area Food Bank (CAFB)! The folks at the CAFB were overjoyed with our donation and wanted to extend their gratitude to all parties involved. And due to it being such a large donation, they’re featuring Austin JavaScript in their newsletter this month!

Loads of Food!

An extra big thanks to our very generous sponsors, Microsoft and the IE9 Team, subPrint Interactive, Mozilla, Solvate, TEKsystems, Cultivate PR and Kung Fu Saloon. We couldn’t have thrown this party without you.

Until next year!

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