Mosaic: a Platform for Micro-Frontends at Indeed

Indeed is one of the largest Job Search websites in the world. In order to maintain developer velocity and quality, we’re in the process of dramatically shifting how we build web applications. Historically, we’ve built large monolith applications that have upwards of a hundred contributors, but we’ve found that this approach has limited our ability to iterate, and innovate as quickly as we’d like.

Today, we’re focusing on splitting our monolith applications into smaller, more manageable components. In this talk, I’ll cover in detail how we developed a platform that enables building decoupled, distributed systems that perform and feel like a single application.

We’ve developed a platform that enables the independent deployability of units of user interface units across products and pages. In this talk I’ll describe:

Our speaker

Ben Cripps @itsbencripps on Twitter
Ben Cripps Born in Washington D.C., Ben now lives in Austin, Texas via Baltimore MD. He enjoys lifting weights, hiking with his wife and dog, the Orioles, ping pong, and reading. He is a full stack developer with a passion for the front-end. He enjoys writing JavaScript, with a focus on functional paradigms. Although he prefers React, he pride himself on being framework agnostic. Apart from client-side code and Node, he likes to write python and doesn't mind the occasional C# or Java. Currently, he works for Indeed as Full Stack Software Engineer. He also enjoys open source, and spends a good deal of time contributing to personal and public open source projects.

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Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at Lavaca Street Bar where they have food, drinks, and 12 revolving taps.

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