Web Assembly : What it Is, Why you should care, and what it means for JS

Let’s talk about a five-year-old tech like it’s brand new; which is really what WebAssembly is; it’s been around for years but we’re only just starting to discover what it can do and how to use it. Kas can say with no hyperbole that this is the next Ajax in terms of importance to browser applications, and in this talk they’ll explain why a multi-language web doesn’t spell the end of JavaScript but rather a Renaissance for the web.

Our speaker

Kas Perch @nodebotanist on Twitter
Kas Perch Dev 🥑@cloudflare. Gamer. Catparent. They/them. NodeBots author/addict. Punster. EE Dropout/Self-Study. a.k.a @ATX-Sabine

Make sure to thank our gracious host Cloudflare.

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at Lavaca Street Bar where they have food, drinks, and 12 revolving taps.

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