Austin JavaScript July 2013

It’s finally over 100 degrees with some consistency. It feels like home again. It must be July. Come celebrate our freedom at Austin JavaScript’s first lightning talk meeting.

Instead of having a traditional speaker, we’re going to try a lightning talks meeting. We’ve discussed it with the a few of you and are excited to here everything you guys have to say. If it goes well, we’d like to have these 1 or 2 times a year, so please give feedback!

How it will work

  1. Show up to the meeting with a 5 minute (or so) demo of something that’s useful to you in your work as a front-end engineer. This can be software, or patterns, or tools, or frameworks. In the past, just pulling up the website for a tool has been a totally easy way to have something to show without any slides to prep! (We encourage you to think about what you’ll say though).
  2. Get up at some point during the meeting and plugin your laptop (we should have a default laptop if you don’t need/have one) and give this (very informal) presentation.
  3. Watch everyone else share their best tips and tricks and tools!

We anticipate everyone coming with something that they’d like to share, but if there is a lack of people who are volunteering, then multiple non-contiguous talks by the same person will be allowed. Hopefully we have too many for that to happen, though!

Of course we will followup all of this up with our wildly crowd-pleasing roundtable of JavaScript-related questions.  This is an open forum to present topics of discussion in a rapid-fire manner or simply heckle @lawnsea!

This month’s awesome sponsor is the Waterfall Mobile. Be sure to thank them for the drinks and pizza, and/or talk to them about some job opportunities!

Waterfall Mobile

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at The Gingerman, where they have over 70 beers on tap.

Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Alex (@SlexAxton) or Lon (@LawnSea).  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter: @AustinJS.