July 2012 Austin JavaScript Meetup Details Announced

It’s hot.  We know. Why not come down to this month’s meetup and learn some cool things from local front-end expert and O’Reilly published author, Garann Means!

For those of you not quite familiar with Garann, she is a Senior Frontend Engineer at Etsy, has been building websites since 1996, and using JavaScript for most of that time (though not always for things that she’s now proud of). Garann has spoken at a number of tech conferences and wrote a book on Node.js.

If you know much about the engineering side of Etsy, you’re probably aware that they love their devtools there. StatsD is one of their better-known tools. It’s an open source Node service that they use to collect statistics about how the site is working and being used. Garann will talk about the tool itself and about how it fits into Etsy’s larger process.

Of course we will followup all of this up with our wildly crowd-pleasing roundtable of JavaScript-related questions.  This is an open forum to present topics of discussion in a rapid-fire manner or simply heckle @joemccann.

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at The Gingerman, where they have over 70 beers on tap.  We may even have some free rounds of beer courtesy of our awesome sponsors.

Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Joe (@joemccann).  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter: @AustinJS.