January 2013 Austin JavaScript Details Announced

Let’s ring in the new year with some new JavaScript Hotness. We’ve got two JavaScript pros flying in from Mozilla to go over some cool new browser features!

Luke Crouch has been dev’ing web for over 10 years – from web-based SCADA systems, to corporate intranet apps, to big websites like SourceForge.net and now Mozilla. He also caught the community bug and have been herding cats in Tulsa Web Devs for the last couple years.

David Walsh is a 29-year old web developer and software engineer from Madison, Wisconsin. In the web world He’s:

Their talk will be about all the brand new stuff in the browser world. They describe it:

It is no secret that Mozilla has been pushing the boundaries of what the internet is capable of, and has been a fundamental force in evolving the web. This will be a whirlwind tour of exciting JavaScript API’s that Mozilla is leading.

They are going to cover a variety of things; Web SMS, Web Telephony, Battery API, Web Vibrator, Touch, Camera, The future of gaming, Mouse Lock, Gamepad API, Gladius.js, Mozilla Open Web apps and Identity/Browser Id. Afterwards there will be a Q & A session covering these topics.


Of course we will followup all of this up with our wildly crowd-pleasing roundtable of JavaScript-related questions.  This is an open forum to present topics of discussion in a rapid-fire manner or simply heckle @joemccann. Alternatively you can heckle new host, @slexaxton!

Afterwards, the discussion carries on a few blocks away at The Gingerman, where they have over 70 beers on tap.  We occasionally have some free rounds of beer courtesy of our awesome sponsors.

Any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact Alex (@SlexAxton).  Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter: @AustinJS.